FreeSchools Free Schools Visit 2023

A few of the FreeSchools filmed by Alice Wood when she visited the schools with Geri Johnson and Rob Mastroianni in November 2022.

FreeSchools in Thailand

In 2009 Australian journalist Jo Townsend and her mother Judy traveled to Thailand to visit the schools. Here Jo reports on the popular Nine News Channel in Australia.

FreeSchools in Bihar

In 2009 filmmaker Risa Morimoto traveled to India with Sue Tennant and a group of Canadians to film the schools

Driving Through Bihar between Bettiah and Motihari

During their 2012 visit to the FreeSchools in India, Saskia Raevouri and Els Schep filmed the sights and sounds along the road as they drove from Bettiah to Motihari.

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