We do big things in a small way

We support cost-effective literacy programs in urban slums and poor villages in India and Thailand.

• we team with expert local partners with resources
• we place extra focus on girls but include boys
• we support teacher training, salaries and supervision
• we have no paid staff and are entirely volunteer based
• our volunteers pay their own way
• 96% of funds raised go directly to the field
• we are registered in Canada, USA and Australia

2017 Flooding in Bihar

Emergency! Flooding in Bihar

The latest monsoon in Bihar has left many of our villages underwater, the families without food, shelter, and clean water! Please click here to read the message from Geri Johnson, president of FreeSchools-USA. Won't you help to bring relief? A special fund has been set up for those wishing to donate via Paypal. You may also visit the general US donations page and earmark your donation.